Anti-social behaviour on the rise across the North East

Figures released by the Scottish Conservatives show that more than 155 incidents of anti-social behaviour are reported every day across Angus and Tayside. In addition, the figures demonstrate that there have been almost 1,000 anti-social behaviour incidents reported per day across Scotland. 

Perth and Kinross had the fourth highest increase in the number of reports – rising from 5,808 to 7,521. Angus also showed a large increase year on year with a 20% rise from 5,508 to 6,585. Dundee recorded a 17% rise with 15,026 incident reported during 2017-2018.

Commenting, Liam said: “A near 30% increase in anti-social behaviour in Perth and Kinross is extremely concerning due to the negative impact on local residents.

“These offences do have a larger effect on the elderly, vulnerable and those with young families and so it is even more important that Police Scotland have the resources to focus on community policing.

“With such a significant rise, it is clear that Police Scotland must work with the community to protect the vulnerable and deter those terrorising neighbourhoods.”

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