Anti-Social Behaviour and how we can combat it

IN PARLIAMENT, my colleagues and I spend a lot of time discussing high profile crimes. However, we rarely discuss anti-social behaviour, which can have a major impact on the quality of peoples’ lives; the cohesion of their communities and the amenity of the spaces in which they live.

SNP's flagship policies in tatters

Really pleased with my column for The Press and Journal on Friday. I talk about police numbers and challenges, the AWPR bill and the #FinnsLawpetition for Finnforchange . Have a read, see what you think and sign the petition!!

Support Finn’s Law and campaign – sign the petition

A LITTLE under two years ago, PC Dave Wardell and his police dog, Finn, were chasing a robbery suspect when he turned and attacked them with a knife. Finn leapt to defend PC Wardell sustaining several serious stab wounds to the head and chest. One of the cuts punctured a lung.

SNP sentencing policy puts criminals before victims

NICOLA STURGEON’S 2017/18 Programme for Government committed her Government to increasing the current presumption against jail terms of 3-months to 12-months, on the basis that short sentences simply do not ‘work’: that short sentences do little to rehabilitate or prevent reoffending.

Crime and punishment? The SNP is the real offender

THERE HAS BEEN a great deal of negative focus recently on the effectiveness of shorter prison sentences – but what if that criticism is misdirected against a failure of prison itself, and instead should be refocussed to how short sentences are being administered?

Why has Scotland fallen behind England in tackling FGM?

FEMALE Genital Mutilation, commonly known as FGM, is a barbaric practice. We cannot allow political or cultural sensitivities to mask that simple fact. Nor can we allow them to get in the way of eradicating this terrible form of child abuse.

Why Life Should Mean Life

LIFE should mean life. Except it doesn’t. Not in Scotland.

Here, our judges do not have the tool of a whole-life order at their disposal; judges cannot ensure Scotland's worst criminals will never be released from prison.