Finn's Law Success!


I have some fantastic news to report this week.

You may have seen Finn on Britain’s Got Talent. Finn is a police dog who, when he and PC Dave Wardell were faced with a criminal trying to stab the officer, leapt in front of the blade to protect the policeman. He was significantly hurt but made a miraculous recovery – as you can see from the photo! In law, criminals who harmed service animals could only be charged with property damage! In England & Wales, the law was changed to ensure service animals would get proper protection in law.

I started a campaign to get Finn’s Law introduced in Scotland. This Law would make it a specific offence to harm service animals (like police dogs) and result in up to 5 years in prison. I launched a petition which ultimately got around 57,000 signatures, visited schools, called debates in Parliament, laid motions, worked with the SNP Minister and the relevant subject committee, met Dave and Finn at Westminster with the sponsoring MP for the English legislation and so on!

I am delighted to report that this week, with the passage of the Animals Bill, Finns Law was passed in Scotland! I am proud to have led the campaign for this in Holyrood and sponsored this legislation. I’d like to thank all those who supported me in this campaign, including the over 57,000 people who signed my petition!

Find out more about the campaign for Finn’s Law here: