Finn's Law Update


I had the privilege of addressing the main stage at the Scottish Conservative conference to talk about Finn's Law. 

We are calling for a new criminal offence to protect the brave and intelligent police dogs and other service animals who put themselves in harm’s way to keep us safe.

This law should protect brave animals like police dogs and horses who keep us safe.The campaign is named after Finn, a former police dog from Hertfordshire who had to fight for his life after being repeatedly stabbed by a suspect while protecting his handler PC Dave Wardell.

The injuries suffered by Finn were so severe that he required 4 hours of life saving surgery and 11 weeks of recovery.

After discovering how difficult it was to prosecute the attacker, Dave Wardell started a campaign to toughen the law.

We want to make it a crime to attack or kill a service animal, so that those who cause pain and suffering to police dogs will be dealt with severely by the law

This law won’t weaken any protection from dangerous dogs. It is only concerned with giving highly-trained animals the defence they deserve from injury by criminals.

The current punishment is too soft and doesn’t recognise the special nature of animals who work to keep us safe.

Within the Scottish Parliament, we successfully lobbied the Scottish Government to announce in their Programme for Government that they will consult on Finn’s Law and this consultation ended on the 26th of April 2019. 

However, it is vital that we keep pressure on the Scottish Government. We know all too well that just because they put something into their Programme for Government, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen, or at any great speed.

We need to make sure that the SNP deliver their promise.

We have almost 50,000 signatures on a petition to introduce Finn's law, but I need your help to make sure we can properly protect service animals here in Scotland.

Please sign the petition and support Fabulous Finn!…