Liam Kerr discusses the Christopher Daniel Case on BBC Scotland

Many readers will remember the case of Christopher Daniel, a convicted abuser of a 6 year old girl who, despite having been found guilty in court, was given an “absolute discharge” i.e. no criminal record and no entry on the sex offenders register.

The Crown thought about appealing but couldn’t as the sentence was not “unduly lenient”. I disagree and have spoken and campaigned for the Justice Secretary to refer that test to the Scottish Law Commission to have it reviewed.

He has now agreed to do so and BBC Good Morning Scotland asked me to speak about it. Whilst this does not change what people feel is an appalling decision, at least it might help prevent victims and their families having to face the same situation in the future and let the Crown appeal judgements like these.

You can listen to my full comments below by scrolling to about 2hrs 43mins for the actual feature (it is about 4 minutes long altogether), or listen to the full show here: