Please for action towards fire-raising report on my plea for a tougher stance to be taken against those who commit arson. Last week, Auditor General Caroline Gardner said the number of fires in Scotland had increased by 3% in 2016-17. Moreover, intentional car fires rose by nearly 20% and incidence of deliberate secondary fires increased by 7%.

Commenting, Liam said: "Great progress has been made over the years in fire safety, and that's something the fire brigade should be commended for.

"So it's incredibly annoying that selfish and dangerous individuals are putting increasing strain on firefighters with their reckless actions.

"The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has a hard enough job without these people creating work for them, and putting lives at risk in the process.

"We need the authorities to back up the fire brigade, and ensure that when people are found guilty of deliberately starting these fires, they feel the full force of the law.

"We must leave people considering this behaviour in no doubt whatsoever this will not be tolerated."