Safety warning for disruptive passengers at Aberdeen Airport


Fears have been raised about the actions of an increasing number of drunk passengers at Aberdeen International Airport (AIA).

The number of alcohol-related offences at the airport has doubled in the last two years – with bosses stating they will take a “zero tolerance” approach to such behaviour.

Between 2016 and 2018, police were called to a total of 86 disruptive incidents, averaging more than three a month.

Last year alone, police recorded 28 crimes relating to disruptive behaviour at AIA.

Four were assaults, 10 were due to ‘disorderly behaviour’ and 14 were offences caused by drunkenness – the latter of which had jumped from just six incidents in 2016.

The new figures, released by Police Scotland, come amid an ongoing review into licensing laws at Scottish airports.

The government is considering scrapping round-the-clock drinking in airport bars by extending high street licensing laws, which would mean no alcohol before 10am.

Liam Kerr, MSP for the north east and conservative shadow justice secretary said the number of dangerous incidents related to alcohol at AIA was “disappointing””

He said: “We all know that problems can stem from the easy availability of booze.

“No-one wants to be confronted with drunken or abusive behaviour while waiting for a flight or on board a plane.

“Everyone should be acting responsibly and thinking about the effect their behaviour may have on others.”

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