Sexual and violent crime on the rise in Scotland

Figures from Police Scotland show that there was a 1.7% increase in total crime during the period 1 April, 2017 to 31 March 2018 compared to last year. The figure increases to 3.4% when statistics on weapon possession – which were not previously recorded separately – are included. 

Violent crime increased by 1.1%, while there was a 12.2% rise in sexual crime.

Commenting, Liam said: “It is no coincidence that crime is on the increase while so many frontline officers are doing backroom work. 

“The rise in crime, coupled with SNP-mandated centralisation and leadership challenges within Police Scotland have caused a worrying decrease in public confidence. 

“The SNP has repeatedly prioritised organisational changes and cost savings over ensuring our police force has the manpower and resources it needs. The SNP must shift focus back to the day job; free up our police officers to catch criminals, keep people safe and rebuild public confidence.”

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