Staffing Crisis at Angus Mental Health Unit

The Courier reporting today on work Liam is doing with his colleague, Kirstene Hair MP, around staffing challenges in NHS Tayside.

Liam said: "It is deeply troubling to see that national doctor shortages are having such an impact in Angus.

“This only goes to further highlight the need for the SNP in Holyrood to step up and get on with improving NHS services right across Scotland – but particularly here in the north east.

Kirstene Hair MP said: “Residents right across Angus will be incredibly concerned to see that NHS Tayside does not have the resources to safely staff their current sites.

“It is unacceptable for the Scottish Government to pass the buck when it is their policies in Holyrood that are letting down the NHS in Angus.”

We'll continue to stand up for the North East.

You can read the full article here.