‘The system protects abusers,’ Letters to Nicola Sturgeon reveal anger over student case

Nicola Sturgeon and her justice minister have received dozens of letters from Scots who were furious about the state of the Scottish justice system following the sentencing of Christopher Daniel.

Daniel sexually assaulted a six-year old girl but was granted an absolute discharge at Dumbarton Sheriff Court, meaning he would not be placed on the sex offenders register or have a criminal record.

Some of the letters were sent by survivors of sexual violence, with others writing that “The system in Scotland does not protect these children it protects the abusers. This has to change,” and “this system offers more support to abusers as opposed to the defenceless victim.”

With Christopher Daniel undergoing dentistry training, there were also complaints from those in the profession who said it was ‘abhorrent’ that he would enter a line of work that would give him access to children and vulnerable adults.

Commenting, Liam said:

"Nicola Sturgeon can no longer be in any doubt as to the anger caused by her and her party’s soft-touch approach to justice.

"Her government has received dozens of letters from furious Scots who were rightly appalled by a convicted child abuser walking free from court with no punishment whatsoever.

"These letters rightly point out the dangerous message this sends, and that it once again reinforces the belief that our justice system does not do enough to support victims.

"There are also totally justified concerns about the access Christopher Daniel will have to vulnerable children and adults should he enter the dentistry profession.

"This case was absolutely devastating for the family of the victim, and is undoubtedly causing damage to the reputation of our justice system.

"That’s why we need to see the test for undue leniency reviewed so we can appeal against ludicrous sentences such as this if they are handed out in future."