Weekly Summary

Here are a few of the things that Liam has been up to this week. 

Scrapping short prison sentences has had 'limited' impact


Introducing a presumption against prison sentences of less than three months has had only a “limited” impact, according to research.

The Scottish Government brought in the measure in 2011 in the hope of reducing the prison population and promoting community-based alternatives.

Weekly Summary


Here are a few of the things Liam has been up to this week. 

Finn's Law Update


I had the privilege of addressing the main stage at the Scottish Conservative conference to talk about Finn's Law. 

Liam Kerr discusses the Christopher Daniel Case on BBC Scotland

Many readers will remember the case of Christopher Daniel, a convicted abuser of a 6 year old girl who, despite having been found guilty in court, was given an “absolute discharge” i.e. no criminal record and no entry on the sex offenders register.