The Scottish Government was Wrong to Overturn the Rubislaw Quarry Development

Rubislaw quarry / Alanatabz


Despite over 400 objections from members of the local community and being unanimously rejected by local councillors last year, the Scottish Government in Edinburgh overruled the decisions taken locally and approved plans to develop 245 flats overlooking Rubislaw Quarry, an iconic part of Aberdeen's Granite City heritage. 

I wrote to the Housing Minister- and SNP MSP for Aberdeen Central- Kevin Stewart in November to express my concern at this decision, which even SNP councillors thought went too far, and called for the SNP to do something to change this extraordinary decision. 

The Scottish Conservatives would fix our broken planning system that overrides local decisions and put it in law that local authorities have the final say on planning decisions if elected to government in May. 

The current situation is simply unacceptable and, if you agree, I would be grateful if you could add your name to the petition below calling on the Scottish Government to respect the decisions and views of the people of Aberdeen. 

Rubislaw Quarry Petition

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I agree that the Scottish Government was wrong to overturn the decision of Aberdeen City Council's Planning Committee on the Rubislaw Quarry Development.